Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice CeMAP

CeMAP is a standard qualification needed to become a Mortgage Advisor in the UK.

CeMAP Exam Strucure: 

3 Exams. You may take them together, individually, or by doing CeMAP 1 first, then doing CeMAP 2 and 3.

CeMAP 1 : UK Financial Regulation (UKFR) – 2 units, each with 50 multiple choice questions. 

CeMAP 2 Mortgages (MORT): Comprises unit 3 and 4 each with 25 multiple-choice questions. , unit 5 has 20 multiple choice questions, and unit 6 has 30 multiple choice questions. 

CeMAP 3: Assessment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge (ASSM) – 6 cases studies, each with 10 questions in relation to the content. 

How to prepare for the CeMAP exams?

1.) Understand

This means you need to understand the knowledge which the specification requires you to understand and implement in CeMAP 3 to scenarios given to you. 

2.) Practice

This is the best way of making sure you have understood the materiel. You need to go through as many practice papers as you can. This should not only make you more confident for the exam, but also give you potential areas you may need to go back on and brush up your knowledge. 

Our Top 3 Tips for CeMAP:

1. Create a study schedule – plan out what days, and what time periods you will study, and stick to the schedule.

2. Go through a CeMAP study pack. This includes study text and mock papers. You can find our tutor pack here; https://www.nvqsolutions.com/product/1237/

3. Identify weaknesses, and make sure you work on them. 

How much can I expect to earn as Mortgage Broker?

  •  The average salary for a Mortgage Adviser based in the UK is £36,710 (source indeed UK Jan 2023)
  • Some brokers can earn around £100,000, and many get commission from each case they take on
  • Ultimately it can depend on how many cases you wish to take on, the more cases that are taken, you will be likely to make more

Support we can give you:

  • Carefully compiled mock papers by our experienced CeMAP tutors 
  • Study text, Revision materiel, Guides, and more…
  • Materiel that has been technically reviewed by our assessors
  • Latest up-to-date materiel suitable for the 2023 sitting

Why do you need CeMAP?

 CeMAP is a qualification that you must hold, to offer advice on Mortgages. There are some other qualifications that you can obtain , but you need to make sure that they are Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved. CeMAP is the most popular course as qualification for this purpose. 
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