Early Years Educator (EYE) – Early Years Workforce Level 3 Diploma NCFE CACHE RQF


Level 3 Early Years Educator



  • Assessor Verified Answers – Completed by qualified assessors with many years experience
  • Will give you clear, concise, guidance and support in completing your own assignment
  • Suitable for 2022/23 sitting
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The documentation provided is to assist you in understanding what is being asked of you in the unit/questions and will enable you to complete the unit in your own words with ease.

The work has been signed off and accepted for qualification purposes from a Private Day Nursery Manager.

Following Units Included :

  • Unit 1.1 (L/505/9300) Support healthy lifestyles for children through the provision of food and nutrition            
  • Unit 1.2 WB (A/505/9809) Promote healthy lifestyles for children through exercise
  • Unit 1.3 WB (M/505/9810) Support physical care routines for children  
  • Unit 1.4 WB (T/505/9811) Promote children’s emotional well-being
  • Unit 1.5 (A/505/9812) Understand how to support children who are unwell       
  • Unit 2.2 (F/505/9813) Understand legislation relating to the safeguarding, protection and welfare of children
  • Unit 2.3 WB (J/505/9814) Follow legislation relating to the health and safety of children            
  • Unit 2.4 WB (L/505/9815) Follow legislation relating to equality, diversity and inclusive practice
  • Unit 2.5 WB (R/505/9816) Working in partnership           
  • Unit 3.1 (Y/505/9817) Understand the value of play in early years           
  • Unit 3.2 WB (D/505/9818) Plan, lead and review play opportunities which support children’s learning and development               
  • Unit 3.4 WB (H/505/9819) Promote enabling play environments
  • Unit 3.5 WB (Y/505/9820) Developing children’s emergent literacy skills            
  • Unit 3.6 WB (D/505/9821) Developing children’s emergent mathematical skills
  • Unit 3.7 WB (H/505/9822) Support children’s transition to school           
  • Unit 3.9 WB (K/505/9823) Develop children’s cognitive skills    
  • Unit 3.10 WB (M/505/9824) Promote children’s speech, language and communication 
  • Unit 3.11 WB (A/505/9826) Promoting children’s physical development              
  • Unit 3.12 WB (T/505/9825) Promoting children’s personal, social and emotional development
  • Unit 3.13 (F/505/9827) Support children with additional needs
  • Unit 3.14 (J/505/9828) Use observation, assessment and planning to promote the development of children     
  • Observation Templates + 2 LONGITUDINAL STUDIES for Unit 3.15
  • Unit 4.1 (F/505/9830) Engage in professional development   



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