NVQ LEVEL 7 Construction Senior Management Answers 2022/23


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NVQ LEVEL 7 Construction Senior Management Answers




These are answers to all the units needed for Level 7 Diploma in Construction Site Management . 

 They are assessor verified answers for all required units, which will give you clear, concise guidance and support in helping you pass. 


NVQ level 7 Construction Senior Management 

Answers for following Job knowledge Question sheets will be included : 

Unit QCFCSM/7001 Manage teams in construction

Unit QCF7002 lead and participate in construction management

Unit QCFSM/7003 Provide ethical advice, judgement and service in construction

Unit QCFCSM/7004 develop self and others in construction

Unit QCFCSM/7005 prepare and agree a brief and development programme in construction management

Unit QCF7006 manage design development and processes in construction management

Unit QCFCSM/7014a Manage project risks an opportunities in construction

Unit QCFCSM/7015 Control projects outcome in construction management

Unit QCFCSM/7018 manage marketing and customer services in construction organisations

Unit QCFCSM/7019 manage project completion in construction management

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